Clothing Coupon Book

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Clothing Coupon Book

From 1941, most forms of clothing became rationed through the use of coupons. Individuals were allowed to use a fixed number of coupons every year, with each type of clothing equivalent to a specified number of coupons. The coupons themselves came in a variety of colours, including yellow, magenta, olive and crimson.

On the front of this coupon book is a reminder that “It is your only means of buying clothing” – but secondhand and home-made clothes (and of course the black market) were alternatives.

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10 x 14 cm
(4 x 5½ in)

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Different shapes of coupons were worth different amounts. Square ones were standard coupons; triangular ones were worth a quarter of a coupon; rectangular tokens were worth more than one coupon. The original owner of this coupon book has marked the top of the page showing that the tokens were worth 3½ coupons.