ARP Practical Guide

Category:  Civil Defence

ARP Practical Guide

This guide aimed to give easy-to-understand advice about dealing with possible air raids. Subjects included:

  • Types of air attack – high explosive, incendiary and gas
  • Respirators and protective clothing
  • Shelters
  • First aid
  • Decontamination
  • Blackout methods
  • Duties of an Air Raid Warden

The cover of the book is stamped ‘Taylors Drug Co Ltd, Market Place, Thirsk’.

The colour pictures in the book would originally have been found on cigarette cards, which were popular at the time. The publisher has used a complete set of these cards, with several pictures on each page (see below).

Exhibit data

Museum number:



January 1939

Approx. size:

14 x 22 cm
(5½ x 8¾ in)

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A typical incendiary bomb and its effects are shown in the top left corner. Other pictures show how to deal with incendiary devices, fight fires and wear anti-gas clothing.

Shown here are two types of respirator for civilian use, together with examples of anti-gas training and types of gas-proof shelter.

Decontamination equipment and training counter the effects of a gas attack, while barrage balloons and air defence personnel guard against air raids.