Air Raids book

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Air Raids book

By the time this book was published, air raids had become a grim fact of life. Knowing how to prepare for and respond to an air raid was now of vital importance.

According to the introduction, over a million copies of this book had been sold in its first year. It is well illustrated with photographs and drawings, and includes a foreword by Herbert Morrison, Minister for Home Security.

Subjects covered include:

  • Civilian and civil defence
  • Incendiary bombs and fire precautions
  • High explosives
  • Shelters
  • War gases
  • First aid
  • Lighting restrictions

The book was re-written in 1941 in the light of experience gained in actual air raid situations. This copy dates from 1942 (or later) as it includes an addendum printed in that year.

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These pictures show how to tackle a fire caused by an incendiary bomb.

A typical Anderson air raid shelter. This was the most common and best-known type of outdoor domestic shelter.

Readers were urged to have their gas masks ready for use at all times.