Lapel Flag – “Aid to Russia”

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Lapel Flag - Aid to Russia

Even though Britain had enough concerns of her own at the height of the war, her allies were not forgotten. Russia, in particular, had suffered heavy losses from the German invasion and was desperate for aid.

Flag Days were held to encourage ordinary people to donate what money they could spare. In return they received a paper ‘flag’ which could be attached to the buttonhole of a jacket lapel. Wearing the flag showed support for a worthy cause, much like the self-adhesive badges used by charities today.

This lapel flag bears the name of Mrs Churchill. The endorsement of the Prime Minister’s wife shows that she too was actively involved in the war effort.

Exhibit data

Museum number:



23rd August 1943

Approx. size:

27 x 45 mm
(1 x 1¾ in)